Samsung Galaxy A22e 5G Gets Bluetooth Certification

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A22 4G and 5G last June and launched the Galaxy A22s 5G in November, which is the updated A22 5G. And now we hear soon about the official launch of a new smartphone – the Galaxy A22e 5G. After getting Bluetooth certification Samsung galaxy A22e is one step closer to its launch. This certification didn’t say anything about the specs of the Galaxy A22e however it did tell the model designation of this smartphone which is SC-56B. The model designation was the same as the Galaxy A22 5G was launched last year in Japan, which indicates that the Samsung Galaxy A22e 5G will share some similar characteristics of the Japanese launched Galaxy A22 5G. It should be kept in mind that Galaxy A22 5G which was revealed last year has different hardware specs like Japanese Galaxy A22 5G has a smaller battery of power of 4,000 mAH. It comes with two main cameras instead of four moreover Galaxy A22 5G has a smaller display of 5.8 inches with a lower resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate.

The dimensions of the Japanese-made A22 5G is 8.9mm thick and 168 grams of weight. It comes with the protection of IP68 and has a built-in NFC chip, Galaxy A22 5G is equipped with the operating system of Android 11 with 64GB of internal storage which is extendable to 1TB which micro SD Card, and 4GB RAM however it lacks side-mounted fingerprint sensor. Samsung told about the Japanese A22 5G that it is powered with a 2.2GHz Octa-core processor with a maximum core clock speed But Samsung didn’t say anything about the chipset but some sources say that it could be dimensity 700 Soc which is also used on A22 5G non-Japanese version. It is still not clear yet when will Galaxy A22e 5G will be launched. Stay tuned to hear more about Samsung Galaxy A22e.